Mummy Gives Me Cocaine

I have just written this short story about a person I know whose life is exteremely contrast compared to mine. It’s been hard to picture her life in this perspective previously. Unlike me, I thought she lived a happy life, turned out she is just f-in high. This is the moment I let go of what haunted my mind all this time. Off you go, the ghost of my life..
(Anyway, thanks for giving me this difficult exam to solve for the last 25 years.)
-Mummy Gives Me Cocaine-
I am a girl who lives in a privileged family
Whatever I want, mummy always grants my wishes
Delicious food? Check
Warm and comfy bed? Check
Pretty branded clothes? Check
New sporty car? Check
Travelling to USA? Check, UK? Check, New Zealand? Check, Thailand? Check, China? Check, Korea? Check
You know what, mummy can even buy people’s mouths so that they never say bad things about me!
Mummy always gives me this kind of cocaine
Mummy keeps me high all the time
I don’t know what poverty means
I don’t know what pain means
I don’t know what suffering means
Basically, I don’t know what life is
I don’t have any idea of how to live a life
Because I have only seen this imaginary world built by mummy
A world where I don’t have to earn anything for my family
I don’t need to work during the day to buy a plate of rice for my dinner
I also don’t have to find a partner who needs to struggle in life with me,
and I don’t think I can maintain any kind of relationships either
People say relationships can be tough and painful, so why would I want that?
I am just Mummy’s beautiful little princess who should not get any kind of scars in life
I should stay inside this castle of hers
I believe Mummy will never stop giving me cocaine
I will be high forever and ever…
-the end-
(FYI, I am not a great English writer and I can never be poetic.)
Southampton, 29th of January 2017